About Us

Zystus Nutraceuticals is an emerging research-based company located in Hyderabad, thriving to bring forward quality consumer health care products to the market. We have a dedicated R&D team to ensure quality and functionality of our products.

We strive to bring high quality products for both domestic and international markets with global standards. We specialize in Vegetarian gummies that are bot sugar and sugar free and vegetarian soft gels along with expertise in tablets, capsules, liquids, chewing gums, lozenges. We create high quality nutritional supplements and strictly adhere to the industry standards. All our products are manufactured in GMP certified premises and they are tested rigorously for quality.

Our Vision for Zystus

Our priority is your service. Providing quality healthcare to our consumers is our main motto. We elevate the standards of the industry by ensuring first class nutrition supplements. We wish to make our mark on a national and global scale as the most trusted source for holistic well-being.


Our mission is to frame an all-inclusive nutrition that is very much feasible for the customers. It overlaps the necessities of their current lifestyle and their particular needs. An excellent research base exists to provide reliable and affordable supplements for the well-being of humanity. We are dedicated to inspire and empower individuals to adapt a healthier life by providing nature’s precious and innovative products.

Our Mission for Zystus

Our Team

The successful functioning of Zystus is impossible without the unwavering commitment of our highly resourceful team. The R&D team here innovate, formulate and strategize high quality nutritional supplements and introduce them in the market. The objectives of our organization are realized by prudently picking out and attracting the correct talent mix. They develop and grow to provide the best possible solutions in the industry.

Life at Zystus

Continuous training and developmental programmes are conducted to ensure an all-round evolution of our employees. At Zystus, we believe in the approach of visionary, inspiring and approachable leadership and inculcate these qualities in our organization. The ethical standards of our employees meet to deliver genuinely safe products with a solid proof of effectiveness.